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作者:方振宇 等

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全书分为15 大主题,129 个话题,涉及生活、交际、工作、学习、交通、态度、情感等老外从早到晚都在说的各方面内容。每一部分所包含的版块如下:


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Chapter 1纽约来客New Yorker
Section 1购买机票Flight Ticket Reservation
Section 2检票登机Check In and Boarding
Section 3在飞机上On the Plane
Section 4行李提取Retrieving the Luggage
Section 5通关检查Security Check
Section 6问路指路Directions Inquiry
Section 7坐公交Take a Bus
Section 8坐地铁Take a Subway
Section 9坐出租车Take a Taxi
Section 10自驾车Drive a Car
Section 11骑自行车Ride a Bicycle
Chapter 2你好,buddy(基本社交)Basic Communication
Section 1见面问候Greetings
Section 2介绍与回应介绍Introductions and Reply
Section 3感谢与回谢Gratitude and Reply
Section 4道歉与回应Apologize and Reply
Section 5邀请与回应Invitation and Reply
Section 6接打电话Answering the Phone
Section 7天气Weather
Section 8时间与日期Time and Date
Section 9告别Farewell
Chapter 3想念温暖的家(家庭生活)Family
Section 1家人团聚Reunion
Section 2家的模样Home
Section 3睡觉起床Sleeping and Waking up
Section 4一日三餐Meals
Section 5花销储蓄Spending and Saving Money
Section 6看望亲朋Visiting Friends
Chapter 4唐人街美食(吃)Eating Out
Section 1商定餐馆Where to Eat
Section 2点餐Ordering Food
Section 3上菜用餐Eating
Section 4讨论饭菜Discussing your food
Section 5买单Paying
Section 6喝咖啡Getting Coffee
Section 7去酒吧Going to the Bar
Chapter 5购物在99美分店(购物)Shopping
Section 1百货商店Department Stores
Section 2商品式样品牌Different Styles and Brands
Section 3讨价还价Bargaining at the Market
Section 4寻找减价商品Searching for Sales
Section 5售后服务Customer Service
Chapter 6 Kevin的态度观点Attitude and Mind
Section 1喜欢与讨厌Like and Dislike
Section 2同意与分歧Agreement and Disagreement
Section 3信任与怀疑Trust and Doubt
Section 4接受与拒绝Accept and Refuse
Section 5犹豫与后悔Hesitate and Regret
Section 6建议与忠告Suggestion and Persuade
Section 7关心与冷漠Care and Indifferent
Section 8责备与提醒Scold and Remind
Section 9催促与安抚Urge and Conciliate
Section 10支持与鼓励Support and Encourage
Section 11讨论与决定Discussion and Decision
Chapter 7今天心情不错(情绪)Under a Good Mood
Section 1高兴与难过Happy and Sad
Section 2惊讶与欣喜Surprise and Pleasant
Section 3激动与愤怒Excited and Anger
Section 4乐观与悲观Optimistic and Pessimistic
Section 5抑郁与沮丧Depressed and Desperate
Section 6耐心与不耐烦Patient and Impatient
Section 7担心与忧虑Worry and Stressed
Section 8期望与失望Promising and Disappointment
Chapter 8爱上哈佛(学)Study
Section 1熟悉校园和同学Getting Familiar
Section 2学校课程Curriculum
Section 3听讲座Lecture
Section 4在图书馆At the Library
Section 5考试测验Tests
Section 6奖学金Scholarship
Section 7社团协会School Association
Section 8宿舍花絮Dorm
Section 9校园兼职Part-time Job
Section 10毕业舞会Graduation and Prom
Section 11出国留学Studying Abroad
Section 12签证与护照Visa and Passport
Chapter 9 Kevin的爱情Love
Section 1约会Dating
Section 2爱恋Falling in Love
Section 3求婚Marriage Proposal
Section 4婚礼Wedding
Section 5争吵分手Break-up
Chapter 10 Kevin侃大山Free Talk
Section 1买房还是租房To Buy or to Rent
Section 2买车Buying a Car
Section 3股票基金Trading Stocks
Section 4报刊杂志Newspapers and Magazines
Section 5闪婚Flash Marriage
Section 6享受单身Enjoying Single
Section 7中性美女Tomboy
Section 8月光族Paycheck to Paycheck
Section 9节假日Holidays
Section 10网上购物Online Shopping
Section 11博客Blog
Section 12秘密Secret
Section 13友谊Friendship
Section 14环境Environment
Section 15 IQ与EQ IQ and EQ
Section 16创业Starting a Business
Section 17激情NBA National Sports
Section 18运动健身Exercise and Fitness
Section 19减肥Lose Weight
Chapter 11好莱坞的梦想(娱乐)Entertainment
Section 1音乐的狂想Music
Section 2电影的魅力Movies
Section 3沙发土豆TV
Section 4散步星光大道Hollywood Walk of Fame
Chapter 12打拼在华尔街(职)The Job Market
Section 1求职应聘Job Hunting
Section 2面试进行时Interview
Section 3上班第一天First Day
Section 4职场培训Training
Section 5出勤与迟到Arriving at Work Late
Section 6请假Taking a Leave
Section 7调班加班Shifts and Overwork
Section 8升职加薪Promotion and Getting a Raise
Section 9工作压力Work Pressure
Section 10解聘与辞职Quitting/Resignation
Chapter 13 Kevin出游Travel
Section 1旅游计划Travel Planning
Section 2选择旅行社Choose the Travel Agency
Section 3参观游览Sightseeing Tour
Section 4旅途遇到麻烦Trouble
Section 5拍照留恋Photo Taking
Section 6买纪念品Buying Souvenirs
Section 7入住宾馆Hotel
Section 8旅行归来Back From the Trip
Chapter 14生病怎么办?Sickness
Section 1感冒发烧Suffering from a Fever
Section 2预约医生Doctor Appointment
Section 3去医院Going to the Hospital
Section 4手术及护理Operation and Care
Section 5住院出院Living in the Hospital
Section 6医疗保险Medical Insurance
Chapter 15享受公共服务Public Service
Section 1邮局Post Office
Section 2银行Bank
Section 3博物馆Museum
Section 4电话亭Telephone Booth/Collect Calling
Section 5社区居委会Neighborhood Community
Section 6警察局Police Station
Section 7理发店Hair Salon
Section 8洗衣房Laundromat