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绝世唐门 第一集 天梦冰蚕 引子 神界!唐三一家
Rare Tang door first day dream ice silkworm primer divinity! Tang three one

Can not help, the first introduction. Each list our eyes will be on the list. Can't you fight a lone battle! As the Tang door Lord, for our beautiful Tang door to climb higher peak, the firstchapter, for everyone to have a look. Hey, although only primer, but there is a large amount of information.
After seeing it, and don't forget to vote. The book you need recommended votes and collectionsupport. Thank you.
Soft light like a mother's hand, gently touch the clouds and delicate skin, unreal space has substantial sense abnormal moving. Vaguely, in the not far away, there seems to be a toweringpalace, unreal in the soft light touch and true.
A figure so quietly standing among the clouds, overlooking the endless distance, do not know atwhat.
He has a head like a waterfall of water blue hair, down to the foot, if not his stalwart physique and broad shoulders, only to watch from the back, I would think that he is a woman.
Luxurious blue robe like ripples, if you look carefully at the moment, eyes will be attracted tothat deep blue, and even the whole soul will be drawn into the deep like the sea, endless blue.
Look but 20 year old handsome face has a pair of deep eyes, his eyes seem to be empty, butalso like a cover and contain everything, occasionally a flash of purple, is the anemae core.There will be a moment of youth, instant death Quietus texture.
"Ah --" man lightly sigh a, the forehead more than a hint of sadness, binocular micro alloy,seems to be feeling the world truth.
"Three elder brother." A sound gently call sounded. A figure that out from the unreal, came to the blue man, natural and gentle hold of his arm, this seems to have done a thousand timesaction looks so harmony.
It is wearing a pink dress girl, long hair sleek long scorpion braid gently down from the side and the back, to see her delicate slender white beautiful neck, long skirt waist Yingying a grip, willher charming perfect figure sketch.
Beautiful eyes with a faint smile, hug the blue man's arm, and gently head stick over his shoulder, a scorpion braid will shake, fell behind the blue man with long hair on men quietly curl,the long hair winding up.
The Azzurri handsome face there was a hint of some helpless spoiled smile, "when the motheris so naughty."
Powder skirt woman some disgruntled pursed lips: "when the mother do? Don't act in pettish?After you become divine law enforcement, Poseidon, do not call the Tang and the three? Or mybrother."
Tang three powder skirt woman in his arms, smile way: "of course can act like a spoiled child,no matter what, you are I most love dance. As long as you don't let your baby daughter saw it.Otherwise, she will be with you for the."
Dance to the Tang and the three mentioned daughters, eyes suddenly gentle color, "seven this girl was too clingy, while she was sleeping time we will have two people in the world for a while.Brother, I see you don't look happy, is because our things?"
Tang three nodded, to give a sigh, said: "the world one day, the earth a year. Any planes areso. At first, I wanted to stay in the Douro mainland for some time, but because of good and eviltwo God's bet and had to return to God in charge. Do not want to, because in the past twenty years, million years after the Douro mainland, Tang door has withered."
So tired of the way: "good and evil, the two guy is too cunning. To bet their name, bound to play, is really too not responsible. They find that young couple to replace the God experiencetoo poor, or else, let them run the show, you can easily point."
The Tang Dynasty and the three way: "God and the divine law enforcement seems superior,but not everyone is willing to assume! Douro mainland after million years changes, seem to be some confusion. Especially four thousand years ago that the crustal movements of continental collision event, not only make the Douro mainland area increased more than one times, but also brought many variables."
Xiaowu said: "Tang door is also from that time began to decline! Brother, you also don't think too much, in fact, in a sense, Tang door. Also because of age and the progress."
Tang three nodded his head, "you are right, but Tang door after all I created, did not want todie. And I as the divine law, not to interfere with a plane change. However, recently, there seems to be a star in our relationships emerge as the times require, and I will have all kinds of connections with Tang door, I tried to see his fate, but dense fog. Hope everything is towards a good direction."
Small eyes, said: "even you say is the star, it must be a good person. If he can take over the tablets, we don't have time to go to play?"唐三抬手宠溺的在她鼻子上刮了刮,“你啊!就知道玩。”
Tang three her doting on her nose scratching, "you ah! They know the play."
When they talk, not far from the clouds, unearthed a small head, look eleven, two years old,beautiful big eyes blinked, her face looked at least three and Tang seven similar lines, but alsomore gentle, more like a small eyes.
"Dad, mom about the Douro mainland, seems to be very fun! Hee hee." Spoke, her petite bodyquietly in the clouds did not see the hidden.

绝世唐门 第一集 天梦冰蚕 第一章 灵眸少年(一)
Rare Tang door first day dream ice silkworm first chapter Ling Mou youth (a)

A big palace like building, glazed tile gold shines brilliantly in the sun. Jinding, the Red GatePalace, having an antique flavour style, make the person arise spontaneously grave feeling.
Looking from a distance, the mist marsh bog, Wayao four Shao, just like a brick to dig. Covering an area wide, there is an endless sense. Front gate archway of up to five feet, with the Duke house three characters.
A huge mansion covers an area of over three thousand acres of any city does not belong to,but separate establishment in the constellation Empire capital city and fifty miles west of Northstar. Thus, the house owner is how exalted status in the constellation empire.
At the middle of the day, bright sunshine in the glazed tile, crystal, so that the Duke was covered in a layer of bright gold, even from the star Luocheng City overlooking is faintly visible.
The Duke house on the north side of the door quietly opened, a thin figure quietly slipped out.
It was a look eleven, two year old boy. The symmetry is moderate, a simple grey cloth clean,carrying on his back a little. Black hair is smooth and clean. Handsome face revealing beyondpeers consistency of color.
Gently remove the Duke house door shut, young quickly walked out after a few steps and suddenly stopped, turned to look at the Ducal palace. His dark blue eyes revealed a deep hate.
"Mom, look at you the spirit of the deceased. No matter how much effort, one day, I will be back,to be here all trampled underfoot. From now on, I with your last name, surname Huo, Huo Yuhao."
Saying this, he again looked at Duke, turned around, and to proceed without hesitation.
He has no towards Luocheng direction star Duke southeastern go, but ran to the north, a small figure recedes in the midday strong sunlight, though he was a small man, but in the process of departure did not give people the feeling of helplessness half.
The Duke house toward any direction have broad road, Huo Yuhao ran, eye became red.
Mom. Mind unconsciously again mother die look that shed and unwilling, Huo Yuhao can not help clench one's teeth.
Strong, I must be strong. My mother taught me, people can only rely on their own, only their own strength, to live better.
Occurrence of memory and one scene from the hall Yuhao flashed.
Huo Yuhao's mother is a personal big servant girl of the Duke, Duke grew up together from childhood to follow, personal big servant girl is supposed to wait on the Lord and exist, one night twelve years ago, Huo Yuhao quietly appeared in the mother's womb.
Conceived in October, once the floor.
Whether Huo Yuhao mother is what identity, but he is ultimately a duke's son, in the mansion oftreatment is not good, but also not too bad. Mother no longer when the servant girl, mother with son expensive, there is a small yard in his.
All supposed to be safe to live, who can know, disaster would come very soon.
The Duke represents the constellation Empire out to fight, the Duchess is in charge of allgovernment affairs, the Duchess has a son and a daughter, for all possible future impactfactors of their children, all in her down in the category. When the Duke in the house is also better, he left, the house became the Duchess of the world. She is the constellation emperorfavorite young girl.
Huo Yuhao's mother because he grew up together with the Duke, Duke itself very popularfavor, has been the envy of the Duchess, suddenly became primary target. The Duchess tomother Huo Yuhao suffering from infectious disease on the grounds, will their mother rushed to the servant region behind the wood of the living room. And off they all sources of income. At that time, the Huo Yuhao only two.
The hard life of the mother Huo Yuhao this is not a good body gradually collapse, even with the Duchess's servant from time to time pressure, and finally in ten years old when he became sick,Keranershi.
Douro mainland because Western sea floating to the continental collision was four thousand years ago, increased area at the same time, also makes frequent wars.
Million years ago, our country was only two, days of fighting and constellation. And million years later, the original contra, has become the three country. Among them, the constellation Empirestill exist, but the royal family has changed. Fortunately, they put down all the Kingdom at the time of the domestic, the constellation series. The strongest force.而天斗帝国则因为当时的几大王国尾大不掉,最终分裂成为天魂帝国和斗灵帝国。
And the days of fighting the empire is because few King country leadership rendered ineffectual by recalcitrant subordinates, eventually split into day soul Empire and fighting spirit empire.
The sun from the west, the vast area, rich in resources, slightly smaller than the Douro continent, but only one country, is the sun and the moon empire.
After the two continental collision, immediately launched a war. The three countries on the continent in our coalition have the same enemy and hatred, in contrast, has gone through nearly twenty years of war, finally defeated the Empire, and thus, unified name for the Douro,the sun and the moon, the name does not exist, only the Douro Continent Empire the sun.
However, the Empire was defeated, but had not been completely aggression, the contradictionwith its advantages and the Douro continent three Empire between each other, gradually formed a quartet is a stable situation. But the war is year after year.

The Duke because often on the field of battle, in the mansion in little time. Huo Yuhao mother and child in the Duchess of deliberately concealing, has gradually been he forgotten. The Dukeasked, the Duchess was said that Huo Yuhao's mother, suffering from disease.
Huo Yuhao's mother bear bitter hardships of his upbringing, at the age of six, he was the soul ofawakening in the mansion.
Eternal, is the ability to contra, everyone will have the Empire, although the development direction and the other three different, but also is the fundamental soul.
Each man will have a soul, six years old can be awakened, soul can be anything, such as appliances, animal and so on. Animal class Wuhun commonly called the beast beast soul soul,in addition to outside, other types are collectively referred to as the soul is eternal. Of course,there are some special variant Wuhun exception.
In the eternal consciousness, only a few people's soul will bring a special power, is called thesoul force. Only those with soul force in awakening people to practice, the most noble of ouroccupation, soul.
Soul division is divided into nine, from low to high, respectively is: the soul, soul, great soul, the soul statue, spirit, soul King emperor, soul, soul holy, contra and titles douro.
Such higher order of soul, ability is strong. To the highest titles Douro level, almost remove mountains and fill seas, passing of night terror strength. Fantasy fantasy list first, immediately the book to find me. I fainted. I didn't say exactly, what I said was the first of any list...... , itasked me to think. OK. I believe. Now I reconfirm ah, is the first sustained advance update list.However, no matter how to say, I first recognize today. Chapter I also not enough. I'd like twochapters, is my own say punishment. Enough meaning!

绝世唐门 第一集 天梦冰蚕 第一章 灵眸少年(二)
Rare Tang door first day dream ice silkworm first chapter Ling Mou youth (two)

Soul force from one level to level ten all belong to the soul, the category, Take chalk when he woke up, the innate soul force is stronger, means that become a soul artist talent better, self-discipline speed will be faster. Feel chalky waking if soul force into ten levels, that is an inherentsoul force with the best, is also known as the genius of soul, as long as the soul itself is not too bad, will have no small achievement.
Although Huo Yuhao as the Duke's son, did not inherit the strong soul belongs to the Duke of a clock, otherwise, even if the Duchess and didn't like him, as long as he has some real Duke,must also be reported to the Duke, and Huo Yuhao and mother's fate will be changed.
Unfortunately, Huo Yuhao's soul is extremely rare mutation.
Ling Mou, Huo Yuhao is the soul of.
In the eternal category, the classification of a tiny, neither is eternal and does not belong to theanimal soul, is the body soul is felt, chalky woke up soul is a part of the body, such as hands,feet and so on.
Almost all of the body and soul are very strong, but the minimum probability appears, can be said to be above the beast, soul is eternal existence. So it will be very important.
Unfortunately, Huo Yuhao's soul is an exception.
Ling Mou eternal place is the natural eye, moreover, is extremely rare mental attribute soul.Under normal circumstances, Huo Yuhao should have been attached great importance to.Unfortunately, there are two restricted his development. In his eternal sleep were awake, innatesoul force only one level, can be said to be innate range, self-discipline speed must be slowand slow. The second point is even more deadly, mental properties not only Wuhun rare,spiritual attribute, also is extremely rare. And every soul when fix in order to promote to the bottleneck to the ten level for the unit, must hunt one down and their attributes of consistency,,obtaining Soul Ring and breakthrough.
The soul is not only necessary to break through the bottleneck of the ring, more able to provide for the soul "Baidu peerless Tang door the text first" master one skill, this is also the root which the soul stronger.
Two constraints, almost doomed the Huo Yuhao this life can not bedosomethinpreviouslyunreleased.
However, no matter how to say he is a duke's son, still have the most simple method soul force.And after a long time, also proved that he is in the self-discipline talent is really too bad.
The Duke house servant, even some children, as long as the innate has eternal sleep chalk up,up to three years, enough to reach the soul force level ten, the lowest level to impact the soulsoul and division level.
But Huo Yuhao is already eleven years old this year, for five years, his soul force just may mayreach level ten. Moreover, these five years, the efforts he is nearly three times the number ofpeers!
After her mother died, Huo Yuhao stayed in the Ducal Palace in a year, he still small, ventured to leave the Duke house no source of income, so he can only hate and put all the pressure in the hearts. In the force of life, his heart will grow much faster than their peers.
Mother told Huo Yuhao, want to rise head and shoulders above others, is only possible to become a soul. Even if only one of the most common soul, on the mainland, has a much higherstatus than ordinary people.
Just yesterday, Huo Maoyu Hao through five years of hard work, just in the talent poorcircumstances, the soul force practice to level ten. And this also is he sets out the Duke houseday.
He needs a soul ring, even the lowest ten Soul Ring too! So, he can become a real soul, has one to belong to own skills.
In our world, the level is in accordance with the present age, the distinction ability, spirit andability of ring, the survival of the year and, itself is closely related to the. Generally speaking,divided into ten years, being unified,, a hundred years, the millennium,,, million years, and one hundred thousand years.
Soul must personally, in order to hunt, from the body, after the death of a soul ring.
Stay in the Ducal Palace, Huo Yuhao knew, he could never get the soul ring. There, no one will help him. Therefore, even if he knew that he was looking for, can be said to be the spiritsystem, but with a fearless courage, just leave a ducal mansion.
All the way to the north, he soon embarked on the road, Huo Yuhao although the age is still small, but in order to achieve the purpose of soul ring, he early to start to prepare. In hisbackpack, in addition to a change of clothes, there are some food and these years his motherto do a bit of money they saved in the house and a short sword. Most importantly, there is a simple map of mainland.

Duke and stars are located in the north central part of the city across the Empire, and HuoYuhao choose to hunt, place, in the northern constellation Empire, and the day star forestbordering the soul empire. In this piece of occupied almost the size of a province in the forest,there are many kinds of, life, including super existence.
If anyone knows only eleven year old Huo Yuhao, in the absence of teachers accompanying thesituation "to Baidu update, peerless Tang door." dare to go there alone and the forest, would be shocked by his too big for her skin. Not one soul. He, even met ten years, may not be able towin!
The road is straight, Huo Yuhao along the roadside fast forward, although he is young, but after all, is the ten level soul scholar, even better than the general adult physical many.
While walking forward, Huo Yuhao gaze into the distance, if you look carefully will find, his deep blue eyes instantly become more clear, faint like halo circulation.
Since Ling Mou feel chalky wake up, Huo Yuhao found that his vision is far super ordinary people, nearly, can see a lot of other people can not see the details, far, can see ordinary people more than two times the distance.
Increases along with soul force, eyesight is in constant progress. It is because of changes in the body appeared with the increase of repair, also make him more assertive mother said, soul,must be a prodigy.
"Mother said, if I have a soul ring, then, I am a control system by division. My soul is not poor,backward, I have much more time than others to practice."
In this firm belief and support, Huo Yuhao side before practice, thirsty, we find some mountain spring water to drink, hungry, eat a flash with the coarse bread. In addition to hurry ismeditation, at his age, a day can travel three hundred miles, have to say is a miracle.
He had only seven foreign currency and five copper coin money to save the soul.
Since our sun and the moon, after the war, after thousands of years of evolution, the complete reunification, currency, a gold coin equal to ten of our soul is equal to one hundred copper coincoin soul.
When I was a child, the mother to let him eat a good point, occasionally with he slipped out ofthe palazzo, find some fruit and wild herbs to eat out in the woods. So the rain Hao know quite a few plant species. Most of the time, he even the cheapest coarse bread are reluctant to buy, ison the process from the roadside trees in search of something to eat --
Well, this is good! Any list is home first, will continue to update...... The first two chapters, let everybody the feeling of belonging to the Douro. Collection, recommended. Zhou is the best chance of the first. Come on!

绝世唐门 第一集 天梦冰蚕 第一章 灵眸少年(三)
Rare Tang door first day dream ice silkworm first chapter Ling Mou youth (three)

Providence, providence! Yesterday I just said the list update. Then the evaluation on the firstlist. Then I found, because yesterday I updated, this show. This is not what is God? God can not be violated, OK, then more chapter. Originally wanted to evening. But I met yesterday in Shanghai, back to Beijing in the afternoon, on my way. So forget it. Advance more, let uscontinue to satisfy it. But, after all, God is not the end of the printed, update will not be too much, just to let everyone have fun, such as India end God after normal update. Well, said so much, I want to say is. I am very hard, very hard, two books together, is it right? Give somerecommendation ticket, then no collection of hurry collection? Come on, what are you waiting for? If you put the member click list to get me to the first. I immediately two more every day! The recommended list line.
Huo Yuhao will be out for the first time, in spite of the map, but he still inevitable several timesthe wrong way. Constantly asked passers-by case, only to find the correct path.
Is the so-called read 10000 books is, a few days down, he felt learned a lot of things. A littledepressed Duke Fuchu and bondage, or the mood of many. Novelty line all the way to see him very excited. He was young, the body recovery is also fast, go not feel tired, but it is out of the cage bird, after her mother's death, the first time a happy.
"Has been walking for six days, should be coming soon." Huo Yuhao looked at the hands of paper with great care of the map, and then have a look on both sides of the road and direction,he concluded, their distance is very close to the stars.
Wipe the sweat on the forehead, Huo Yuhao walked into the woods, find a shade is just sitting in meditation and recover, suddenly, the sound of water came just to sit down, suddenly madeHuo Yuhao jump in excitement.
There is water, which means that you can live better!
Close your eyes, Huo Yuhao quietly listening to the sound of water coming from the direction ofthe spirit, as the soul of the owner, his six sense than ordinary people much stronger. Especially when he to close your eyes, the other five will be a sense amplifier.
Soon, he will look for the direction, along with great care in the woods. His careful not becausethe woods in the uneven ground, but afraid of clothes be thorns cut. This is my mom did for him.
Less than two hundred meters, he found his target, a width of about three metres of the stream,the stream is clear, clear streams and bring a comfortable cool.
Huo Yuhao shout a, quickly took off his clothes, just jumped into less than two feet deep waters.Take a shower or the last two days ago, on two day, early make him a sweat, a bath in the coolwater is simply to relax but enjoy.