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清明节英语介绍:Tomb-sweeping Day;Pure Brightness Festival(每年的阳历四月五日为清明节,又叫踏青节,是中国传统的祭祀节日,汉族和一些少数民族大多都是在清明节扫墓)

 Qing Ming is a time to remember the dead and the dearly departed. More important, it is a period to honour and to pay respect to one's deceased ancestors and family members. Because it reinforces the ethic of filial piety, Qing Ming is a major Chinese festival.
Literally meaning "clear" (Qing) and "bright" (Ming), this Chinese festival falls in early spring, on the 106th day after the winter solstice. It is a "spring" festival, and it is an occasion for the whole family to leave the home and to sweep the graves of their forebears. Chinese being practical people this sweeping of the graves is given an extended period, that is, 10 days before and after Qing Ming day. Among some dialect groups a whole month is allocated.
  清明节是一个纪念祖先的节日。主要的纪念仪式是扫墓,扫墓是慎终追远、郭亲睦邻及行孝的具体表现;基于上述意义,清明节因此成为华人的重要节日。 清明节是在仲春和暮春之交,也就是冬至后的106天。扫墓活动通常是在清明节的前十天或后十天。有些地域的人士的扫墓活动长达一个月。


  Qing Ming is popularly associated with Jie Zi Zhui, who lived in Shanxi province in 600 B.C. Legend has it that Jie saved his starving lord's life by serving a piece of his own leg. When the lord succeeded in becoming the ruler of a small principality, he invited his faithful follower to join him. However, Jie declined his invitation, preferring to lead a hermit's life with his mother in the mountains.
Believing that he could force Jie out by burning the mountain, the lord ordered his men to set the forest on fire. To his consternation, Jie chose to remain where he was and was burnt to death. To commemorate Jie, the lord ordered all fires in every home to be put out on the anniversary of Jie's death. Thus began the "cold food feast", a day when no food could be cooked since no fire could be lit.
The "cold food" festival occurs on the eve of Qing Ming and is often considered as part of the Qing Ming festival. As time passes, the Qing Ming festival replaced the "cold food" festival. Whatever practice is observed,the basic observation of Qing Ming is to remember one's elders by making a special effort to visit their graves, ashes or ancestral tablets. To make the visit even more meaningful, some time should be spent to remind the younger members of the family of the lives and contributions of their ancestors, and the story of Jie Zi Zhui who choose death over capitulation.



Qingming is an annual festival where chinese honor the dead.


Its origin dates back to the spring and autumn period.


Tomb-sweeping day is from chinese lunar calendar.


What will you do on tomb sweeping day?


In 1935, the government set ching ming festival as tomb sweeping day, which falls on april 5th on the solar calendar.


On qingming, lee's family visits the graves of his grandfather and mother, who are both buried in boston.


Do you have the same day for the dead like our qingming?


Qingming day, the traditional tomb-sweeping day falls on april5.


Qingming, meaning pure and bright, is the day for mourning the dead.


Daiwan spring break starts tomorrow afternoon through the grave sweeping day, which has been moved to april4.


Then, if you think of me on qingming, when the spirits of the departed are allowed to visit their families, you'll make the parts of myself I leave behind come alive too.


Notice is hereby given that the following special traffic and transport arrangements will be implemented in wo hop shek and sandy ridge for ching ming festival 2007.


Reuters-chinese are getting ready for tomb-sweeping day on friday, as state media fret that the poor can no longer afford funerals while tombs for the rich cost more than houses.


Which day is the qingming festival?


Wishing everyone a happy qingming festival!


The qingming festival is a statutory public holiday in mainland china.


This year the qingming festival vacation begins on april 3rd.


What do people often do on qingming festival?


People love to fly kites during the qingming festival.


Is the qingming festival and the tail tooth.

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